Can a New Zombie Book Get Published?

Do a search on the net, and you’ll find a billion Zombie Books.  Most of them seem like junk. Being a “fan boy” of the genre, I’ve read a ton of them – which is what has ultimately led me to write my own.   Telling the story that I want to read, and one that I think other fans of the genre will too.

I’d love for this book to get picked up by a publisher.  However, with this being a new Fiction story, I’ve read that it’s very competitive and near impossible to do.

I have the ask the question, will a publisher out there actually pay attention to yet another zombie book in the market?  Time will tell!

This site will be one way that I’ll begin building some buzz.  If it doesn’t get picked up, then I’ll self-publish and get it posted on all the best places (amazon, apple, etc).

Of course, I’ll also be posting chapters here (for a limited time) as well.

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