One Year Later after Publishing 900 Miles

January 8th of 2013 is the date that 900 Miles went up on Amazon for sale….and its been a heck of a ride.  Looking back at the past year (and a few days), I thought I’d take some time to do a short recap.

A week after 900 Miles went up on Amazon, it jumped to number one on Amazon’s Hot New Books in Horror…. And then stayed in the top ten of Horror Occult for over three months.  As a first time author, this was of course more than I could ever have imagined or hoped for.

In addition to launching 900 Miles with Severed Press for world wide distribution in ebook and print, the book was then picked up to be published by Kings Way Press for a limited edition signed hard cover run.  To top it off, LUZIFER-Verlag Steffen Janssen picked up 900 miles to be translated into German – which will be coming out soon.  To say that it’s been a whirlwind is to put it lightly.

After guest hosting on a number of podcast with the cool folks at Zombie Cast and the Dead Men Talking, being interviewed on various blogs, and appearing at conferences like the Walker Stalker Con, I simply still cannot believe the reception that 900 Miles has had with the zombie community (and sometimes outside of it).

The response to the novel has been overwhelming .  A week doesn’t go by where I don’t get a note from someone who’s read the book letting me know that they dug it.  I’m both humbled and proud that anybody would take the time to reach out to me.  It means so much.

The icing on the cake is that I’m within striking distance of finishing the first draft of the sequel to 900 Miles (TBD on title), which has already been picked up by Severed Press.  I can only hope that it will live up to the first book.  With that said, I’m super stoked to share the story.  I believe the fans will love it!

Thanks to all who have supported the book as well as my efforts.  Again, I’m humbled by all the letters and support.

Hopefully 2014 will be as amazing as 2013 was!

Thanks to all!

S. Johnathan Davis

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  1. Ann
    Ann at | | Reply

    I just finished reading 900 Miles and really enjoyed it. I like thrillers but have never read about zombies before. I loved it! Went searching for the sequel right away! Loved the characters and would highly recommend it to others. I am looking forward to the sequel and will hopefully see it is available soon. You kind of left us all hanging with that ending! But, really, great story!

  2. Lydia
    Lydia at | | Reply

    I just finished 900 miles and I could not put it down! Absolutely loved it from beginning to end. I am really looking forward to the sequel!

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