Writing a Query Letter for A Horror Book

Thinking towards publishers and agents at this point, I’ve begun looking into how to get my book, 900 Miles, noticed.  Most people out on the web agree that it’s going to be VERY hard.  Evidently, the Query Letter is a key part of getting noticed.

What is a Query Letter:

This is a 1 page letter, broken down into three main paragraphs (according to the articles I’ve read).  This letter is supposed to be sent to Publishers and Agents to try to “hook” them on the concept of your book – prompting them to request either the manuscript or the first few pages.

As you would guess, this is CRITICAL that I get this one right.  I would equate it to the “elevator pitch” in business – meaning that you have thirty seconds to get someone’s attention before the simply don’t care.

In terms of a Horror story about zombies…..I have to wonder how often publishers and agents have seen basically the same retread of an “apocalyptic story of survival” come across their desk.  I mean seriously….there are hundreds of zombie books out there, and probably thousands of manuscripts floating around.

SO THE HOOK is going to be important – differentiating 900 Miles from the rest.  The good news is that 900 Miles does have some awesome stuff going on that I think I’ll be able to present in the query letter….now I have to let the creative juices flow – to get it just right!

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