43000 Words into the Zombie Novel….and Still going

Wow, I literally cannot wait to share this story with the world.  It’s turning out way better than I had initially imagined.  For those of you visiting the site for updates, you’ll notice that I just updated the synopsis and the title.

Seems like every zombie story always starts out as the apocalypse is first happening.  Truth be told….mine does too.  I needed to write my rendition of this.  It’s usually my favorite part of other stories.   Where most go from there is where many fall flat…..

900 Miles is heading towards an interesting place.  The idea of man vs. man in the zombie world is something that has always intrigued me.  It’s a place were Walking Dead has gone (think the Governor – for those familiar).

I’m heading in a similar, but ofcourse different, direction – exploring the darkness in man that rises from the ashes of a destroyed world with no rules.

43k words in at the moment.  I’m currently thinking it will be around 55k-60k.  Can’t wait to share it.  Be sure to sign up in the upper right hand corner to be alerted when I begin to publish.

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