Tyler’s Letter

A letter from Tyler – Johns Son 

I never truly understood what my father went through to ensure my survival. The monster he almost became.  It must have been difficult to fight it. Sparring with what I’ve ultimately come to conclude is Man’s true nature. Man’s ultimate destiny. To destroy himself.

This manuscript was passed to me by my step sister, Olivia. She told me that Father gave it to her before he died.  An account of how he first met her. How he first met her mother.  Only after I published 900 Miles did she have the courage to share it with me. I don’t blame her. Things have changed so much since that time.

We live in a new world. One where the Z’s are always a threat. Every person wears a life monitor on their arm. If it changes from blue to red, then you’re dead. At least that’s what they’ve told us. Our society’s little way of catching the threat at its source – before it gets out of hand.  It’s worked for us for a long time. However, now even it is the source of much controversy.

It seems that the pre-apocalypse world, filled with bureaucracy and politics, all fueled by money and power is back with a vengeance – as if Z-Day was a mere inconvenience to its well-funded pockets. Things that have been shared, as communal norms, are now being monetized … Leaving the less fortunate to the wayside. Leaving them to compete for their lives in the Games.

My father, John. He was a vicious fighter right up to the end. After everything, he was convinced that we fell off the ledge of humanity because of the way things once were. There was a short time, a period where humans finally worked together, where people respected others for who they were … Not for what they owned. It appears as if this period is now over.

Kyle would live that day. His nine lives weren’t up yet. My father and Kyle would be hailed as heroes long after the battle for Avalon. The men who took down Gordon Green, a name that for a long time was only spoken in dark corners.

I don’t believe my father ever let himself off the hook for what he had to do in the name of his son. He seemed distant, if not recluse if the topic of Avalon ever came up.  I can only hope that I have lived up to what he had hoped for me.

I know I’ll never stop trying. I’ll continue his fight. I’ll continue the fight against you. You know who you are. You’re the powerful. You prey on your fellow man.

This is my battle cry.  You are fools if you don’t listen.  I’m coming for you.




This is S. Johnathan Davis, and I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to read 900 Minutes.  As a self-proclaimed Zombie Geek, I genuinely hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I had fun writing it!

As an emerging author, we live an breath based on feedback from people just like you.  If you enjoyed the book, it would be wonderful if you would take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon. You can visit the review page by clicking here:  Review 900 Minutes

I have a possible story in mind to round out this trilogy, and I really want to write it!  Your feedback will help get me started!!!!


S. Johnathan Davis

P.S. Don’t be afraid to drop me a line using the “Contact” page.  I’d love to hear directly from you!

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  1. Cory
    Cory at | | Reply

    Great book, awaiting the next 🙂

  2. Eric Person
    Eric Person at | | Reply

    Loved both books. You captured the truth of humanity perfectly. Bring on the closer!

  3. the dude
    the dude at | | Reply

    Loved this one more than the first. Pleeeeease write a third!

  4. Gretchen
    Gretchen at | | Reply

    Loved your first book 900 Miles but your second book, 900 Minutes blew me away! Loved it. Sad that it is over. I hope you start a third book! Thanks for the story!!

  5. ray
    ray at | | Reply

    Great books. Can’t wait for the third.

  6. Daniel
    Daniel at | | Reply

    Great series, I really enjoyed it. Please write the third book, don’t make me beg.

  7. Marc TNJR
    Marc TNJR at | | Reply

    Great book, better than the first I believe. Get on that third:) TNJR

  8. Heiko Blohm
    Heiko Blohm at | | Reply

    Realy Nice Story. Hope u will surprise us with more from Humans end, or maybe from its new beginning…. Thx and best regards

  9. Geier Marco
    Geier Marco at | | Reply

    Great books wait in the third

    Greatings Form germany
    Habe a good time

  10. ...
    ... at | | Reply

    Großartige Bücher bei denen es sehr schwer fiel, es nachts aus der Hand zu legen.
    Eine Fortsetzung wäre grandios. Und danach kann die Verfilmung kommen…;)
    Beste Grüße aus Deutschland.

  11. Jörg Hubacher
    Jörg Hubacher at | | Reply

    Amazing story. I know a lot of zombie stories – your’s the best.

  12. Marcel Vollmar
    Marcel Vollmar at | | Reply

    Habe das erste Buch verschlungen, das zweite habe ich “gefressen” . Es beschreibt die Art der Menschheit direkt und grausam wie sie ist. Ich habe im Inneren meines Selbst die Geschichte bildlich ablaufen sehen. Wirklich schlimme Bilder die ich sah. Man kann sich nur wage vorstellen wie es wäre wenn sowas wirklich ausbricht. Sehr gut geschrieben. Taler wird ein sehr guter Kämpfer sein und alles hinterfragen ob es richtig oder falsch ist. Würde mich sehr über einen 3. Teil oder mehr freuen. m.f.G M.

  13. gertz
    gertz at | | Reply

    great bokk hope for the third

  14. Michael
    Michael at | | Reply

    I just read 900 minutes in German: good book, probably even better than 900 miles. But the german translation really sucked. Too many technical terms were translated really terrible.

    Anyway. I really hope for a third one!

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