Getting social media started is hard…..

I kickstarted the social media push to begin promoting 900 Miles.

If you build it, they most certainly will come…..WITH ALOT OF EFFORT!

With a new theme on this blog, a ramped up Twitter channel and a fresh Facebook page all up and running, I launched them this week by promoting to friends, family and by following a whole bunch of people on Twitter.  What have my efforts produced in 3 days?

Blog – the edits I made to the blog knocked me off the first page of Google for the search term Zombie Book.  Woops….  I have to figure out what I’ve screwed up.  I was getting fairly regular traffic for this term….and now this blog has completely dropped off of Google search results.

Facebook – I have a total of 9 followers as of today.  So not terribly impressive, but I think this one will be a slow burner.

Twitter – I have 25 followers, and I feel like this is where I have the most traction.  In terms of promotion so far, Twitter allows the best opportunity for bi-directional feedback and conversation.

To net it out after 3-4 days into promotion…..I have a ways to go before I can call any of this a success.  You can follow me along – I’ll be posting it all here.

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