Sequel to 900 Miles (current status)

Thank you to everybody who’s reached out asking about the sequel to 900 Miles.  While I’ve been dripping some info about the status of the 2nd book into the social media stratosphere, I thought I’d share along an official update here.

First and foremost – there is a sequel to 900 Miles 🙂

After subjecting a number of AWESOME beta readers to my initial chapters and drafts, the sequel is currently in editing mode – which basically means its getting ready for prime-time upload to Amazon.

As a sneak-peak, the book will start out roughly seven months after the outbreak….and you’ll see lots more of John, Kyle, Jarvis, and of course Avalon.  This story will be one of adaptation, illustrating just how hard man is willing to fight when backed into the proverbial corner.  Will it be the best in us that prevails….or the worst?

I promise to share an official synopsis along shortly.


  • What’s the title of 900 Miles 2?  Ahhh, sorry, I’m keeping this one a secret for a bit.  I’ll be sure to announce shortly.  Stay tuned….
  • Who’s Publishing 900 Miles 2?  Severed Press, the same publisher that put 900 Miles on the market.  It will likely be only on Amazon at first.  
  • When will it be up on Amazon?  At the moment, I believe it will be up in a few months.  I feel pretty good about the current draft, and Severed Press is eager to fast track it.  

If you’re interested in getting a preview to the first chapter of the sequel, prior to the launch of the book, I’m plan on sending it to anybody who has reached out via the contact me form.  If you’d like early access, just drop me a line!


S. Johnathan Davis



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  1. Amparo Gabino
    Amparo Gabino at | | Reply

    I really loved 900 miles and I can not wait for book 2. I am requesting a sample as mentioned above. Please hurry with both the sample and the full book. \
    Thank you for an enjoyable read
    a really big fan


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