These are reviews of 900 Miles.  I’m trying to capture them all.  If I’ve missed yours, please contact me, and I’ll add it.

Reviews of 900 Miles: A Zombie Novel:

Kristin from Blood, Sweat and Books: FIVE STAR REVIEW

“When I reached the last page of 900 Miles I knew I had just read something pretty special. I was glued to my Kindle reading this book, I flipped each page with hesitation not knowing what horrors or joys would befall these characters with the flick of a finger.”

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Frank from Zombie Guide Magazine: 

“Great book! For me S. Johnathan Davis is the next big zombie author. The book has emotions, real life people, not just characters but living people (and dead, don’t worry…). I felt their emotions, got sucked in to the story and loved all the twists and turns it took!”

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Seth Danger Brooks from Diaries of the Demented: FIVE STAR REVIEW

If you enjoy Zombie books and want to experience a different take on the genre then you must check this one out for sure, I think S. Johnathan Davis has what it takes to make it big in the Horror genre and I can not wait to see what else he comes out with.

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Shawna Lewis: (Amazon Reviewer) FIVE STAR REVIEW

“I felt fear, happiness and strong emotion while reading this book. The people we get to know were real people and not survival nuts who knew how to shoot 30 different guns and survive on roadkill (haha). They were people just like you and me mixed-up in a world gone mad trying to get home before the ones they love end up eaten or worse. Zombies are not the only things to fear in a dead world…..our fellow man is!!!!”  

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Ursula from

“900 Miles by S. Jonathan Davis was one of the more entertaining zombie stories that I’ve read so far this year. The story won me over at the very beginning…”

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David from

“Like the apocalypse, chaos comes at the reader relentlessly; without reprieve. There is constant carnage, graphic descriptions and a whole lot of splatter in that 900 miles.  900 miles that sees the best and worst of society as it comes to terms with it’s inevitable demise.”

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