Thinking about the cover

There are so many different types of zombie book covers out there.  I need to find something that suits my book.  I’ve been giving this much thought. Do I go with the biohazard symbol:       Or maybe your scary zombie face:      Or maybe the silhouette:         Or the creepy zombie hand or hand print:… Read more →

What makes a good zombie book?

I’ve been reflecting on some of the zombie books I’ve read out there.  What made the good ones, well, “good?” The best ones had great characters, a compelling plot and of course lots of zombies.  I recently read something by Robert Kirkman, the author of the Walking Dead graphic novel series.  The quote is here: “I pitched The Walking Dead… Read more →

17,000 Words…. So Far

They say it takes around 70k words to have a full Novel.  50k-70k make up a Novella.  I’m at 17k right now, so making good progress. Just writing it has been a great experience.  So far the draft chapters that I’ve shared with friends and some bloggers out there have been very well received. I can’t wait to unveil it to… Read more →