900 Miles to Be Published By Severed Press

900 Miles to Be Published By Severed Press

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve just signed the contract to publish 900 Miles with a small press publisher called Severed Press. They focus on publishing apocalyptic horror, often in the form of zombies. 900 miles will be distributed in print and online digital formats including amazon kindle and others. The novel will have worldwide distribution (in English). The… Read more →

900 Miles is Complete – Now it needs a home!

900 Miles is complete.  I’ve edited, had an editor edit it, and then I re-edited…..then I edited some more. The finished product is one awesome action packed zombie manuscript that I’m ready to start sharing with the world. This new zombie book is looking for a home.  I have begun sending query letters out to some key agents and publishers… Read more →

First Edit Due Back Friday

So the editor will have 900 Miles back on this friday.  I’ve already gotten the first sixteen chapter back, and I have to say that the editing process is very helpful!  This is going to be one heck of a Zombie Book when everything is said and done.  The editor is pushing me to go into realms that I didn’t… Read more →

Writing a Query Letter for A Horror Book

Thinking towards publishers and agents at this point, I’ve begun looking into how to get my book, 900 Miles, noticed.  Most people out on the web agree that it’s going to be VERY hard.  Evidently, the Query Letter is a key part of getting noticed. What is a Query Letter: This is a 1 page letter, broken down into three… Read more →

Getting social media started is hard…..

I kickstarted the social media push to begin promoting 900 Miles. If you build it, they most certainly will come…..WITH ALOT OF EFFORT! With a new theme on this blog, a ramped up Twitter channel and a fresh Facebook page all up and running, I launched them this week by promoting to friends, family and by following a whole bunch… Read more →

Best Zombie Books

While doing research on the web, I’m come across a ton of Zombie Books!  Some look really good, some look really bad.  I find myself wondering which ones are the Best Zombie Books. What I’ve come to realize is that regardless of the plethora of books out there, the zombie books out there have to be the best books on… Read more →

The first Draft of 900 Miles is Complete

Exploring a darker side of my imagination is what this was all about…..and holy cow, did I go there.  Looking back at the past months, with all ups and downs of writing a zombie book, I can at the very least know that I created the story that I would want to read as a  huge zombie apocalypse fan-boy. Sitting at just… Read more →

43000 Words into the Zombie Novel….and Still going

Wow, I literally cannot wait to share this story with the world.  It’s turning out way better than I had initially imagined.  For those of you visiting the site for updates, you’ll notice that I just updated the synopsis and the title. Seems like every zombie story always starts out as the apocalypse is first happening.  Truth be told….mine does too.  I… Read more →

30,000 Words

Wow, the last 15k words or so have really flown by.  I hit a groove, taking this story in a fun direction (fun for those who like crazy stuff happening in a zombie book). So many zombie stories start out with the apocolypse, then fizzle out in the middle after the initial chaos is over (can anybody say 28 Days Later).  I’m… Read more →