The first Draft of 900 Miles is Complete

Exploring a darker side of my imagination is what this was all about…..and holy cow, did I go there.  Looking back at the past months, with all ups and downs of writing a zombie book, I can at the very least know that I created the story that I would want to read as a  huge zombie apocalypse fan-boy.

Sitting at just over 60 thousand words, it fits right in between a Novella and a Novel.  I’m currently going back over it with a fine tooth comb, and expect to start submitting to publishing houses in the coming month.

It is not quit time to pop the cork, but I feel like a huge mile-stone has been reached.

In the end, we follow a couple of guys, thrust into a dark world.  They deal with life, death and everything in between.  I can’t say whether it ends good or bad for them (you’ll have to  read the book to find out).  What I can say is that it’s one heck of a suspenseful, horror and gore filled ride!


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