43000 Words into the Zombie Novel….and Still going

Wow, I literally cannot wait to share this story with the world.  It’s turning out way better than I had initially imagined.  For those of you visiting the site for updates, you’ll notice that I just updated the synopsis and the title. Seems like every zombie story always starts out as the apocalypse is first happening.  Truth be told….mine does too.  I… Read more →

30,000 Words

Wow, the last 15k words or so have really flown by.  I hit a groove, taking this story in a fun direction (fun for those who like crazy stuff happening in a zombie book). So many zombie stories start out with the apocolypse, then fizzle out in the middle after the initial chaos is over (can anybody say 28 Days Later).  I’m… Read more →

Thinking about the cover

There are so many different types of zombie book covers out there.  I need to find something that suits my book.  I’ve been giving this much thought. Do I go with the biohazard symbol:       Or maybe your scary zombie face:      Or maybe the silhouette:         Or the creepy zombie hand or hand print:… Read more →

What makes a good zombie book?

I’ve been reflecting on some of the zombie books I’ve read out there.  What made the good ones, well, “good?” The best ones had great characters, a compelling plot and of course lots of zombies.  I recently read something by Robert Kirkman, the author of the Walking Dead graphic novel series.  The quote is here: “I pitched The Walking Dead… Read more →

17,000 Words…. So Far

They say it takes around 70k words to have a full Novel.  50k-70k make up a Novella.  I’m at 17k right now, so making good progress. Just writing it has been a great experience.  So far the draft chapters that I’ve shared with friends and some bloggers out there have been very well received. I can’t wait to unveil it to… Read more →