900 Miles is Complete – Now it needs a home!

900 Miles is complete.  I’ve edited, had an editor edit it, and then I re-edited…..then I edited some more. The finished product is one awesome action packed zombie manuscript that I’m ready to start sharing with the world.

This new zombie book is looking for a home.  I have begun sending query letters out to some key agents and publishers who specialize in horror and zombie-type books.

This is such an exciting process.  I know it will be filled with rejection (which everybody is quick to tell me).  However, as a long time fan-boy of the zombie genre, I know this book turned out to be the story that my inner geek loves – and I can’t wait to share the love with the rest of you.

Wish me luck in finding a home for 900 Miles, and look forward to it being available soon!

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