30,000 Words

Wow, the last 15k words or so have really flown by.  I hit a groove, taking this story in a fun direction (fun for those who like crazy stuff happening in a zombie book).

So many zombie stories start out with the apocolypse, then fizzle out in the middle after the initial chaos is over (can anybody say 28 Days Later).  I’m really trying to keep it interesting and on point.

As a hint to where the story is heading, this is basically a journey from New York to Atlanta. The main character is traveling on business, when the SH&T hits the fan, and has to make it back home to ATL.  You can just imagine everything that happens on the way…..

I figure that I’m basically almost half way to completion.  I’m struggling a bit with when to start posting chapters on this site.  Part of me wants to get them up here right away (there are 14 chapters do date), but another part of me wants to wait incase I need to go back and edit some smaller peices of the story to help everything make sense in the end.

I’ll be noodling on it!


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